Monday, September 8, 2014

Thoughts Besides Cancer

Although my cancer diagnosis dominated my thoughts in the fall of 2009, I wanted to let you in on something else I was thinking about at that time.

Around the same time I was diagnosed with cancer I was experiencing another traumatic life event. My little brother had just gotten taller than me. This was not surprising, it was inevitable and logically I knew that. Yet somewhere deep in the recesses of my cancer-ridden brain was a 10-year-old girl who believed, of course, she'd always be the biggest, she was the "big" sister after all. That 10-year-old girl resurfaced at this time and was very disappointed to have been surpassed by her baby brother. I guess it's like they say, "When it rains it pours." :)

As I have been reflecting on my experience with cancer this funny little anecdote came up and I thought I should share it because while I was a cancer patient I was also a big sister thinking about big sister things like who was the tallest. I was also many other things; I was a friend, a daughter, a reader, a learner, a teenager, and so many more things. I wanted to share this story because often sick or disabled people, especially really sick people, are seen as only that, "a sick person," a symptom, a disease. When really they are just people who are complex and have hopes and dreams and desires, they just happen to be sick. I try to remember this and the work I do with Sunshine Kids and Camp Korey and in life in general. Seeing people as people breaks down barriers and deepens connections. From experience, I know that it can also be a gift for someone when you see them as a whole person and  not just their disease or disability.

Just so you know, I have come to terms with the fact that my brother is taller than me. I am now a proud big sister of one amazing big little brother. (you will hear more about his awesomeness in a future post.)

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