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Senior Year - Class of 2012!

Senior Breakfast
Senior year was really incredible. After having surgery on my foot during the summer, foot and ankle pain was no longer a major limitation. I was able to do more and participate more. A full head of hair and fixed up feet will do a lot to make a girl feel like a "regular kid." I had great classes, teachers, and friends. I was able to participate in the many senior festivities.

In November I was very happy to be accepted to Western Washington University where I planned to study psychology.

Prom was the high point of the year. Although, I'm not a girly girl I have looked forward to prom for a long time – the fancy dress etc. I also wanted to have really long "mermaid hair" that I could put in an up-do. Through the magical talents of Tracy King along with some hair extensions, my up do dream came true. With an awesome blue dress and some bedazzled sneakers I was on my way to the prom of my dreams.

I asked my friend Michael to prom and we went with a group of friends. It was most definitely one of the greatest nights of my life. 
Prom Group
There is one moment, however, that stands above the rest in my return to school. On the last day of school at the senior assembly I was awarded one of the staff scholarships. As I walked to the podium the entire senior section stood and clapped and cheered. I was overwhelmed by the spontaneous display of support. While I had been disappointed by the lack of support from my peers since I returned to school, I was so happy that I got to see it in that moment. This care and support was also shown in the messages written in my senior yearbook. I actually had people asking me if they could sign my yearbook because they wanted me to know how much I inspired them.

Here is what my classmate Sara posted on my Facebook wall after the assembly:
You are an amazing young woman. As I watched you being presented with your award today I looked around the gym and saw the look on everyone's faces... truly incredible. To all that may know you or not, know the positive energy you give off. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a strong class. I can't wait to hear the speech you have prepared for graduation. You are remarkable and I couldn't thank you enough for such a great 4 years. Not only did you help me pass French but inspired me to never give up. You are a fighter. You did it Sammy. We all love you.

While school was a challenge at the beginning, it only went up from there and got better and better, culminating in an incredible end to my senior year.

I graduated on June 16, 2012 and was chosen by Jackson's staff to give one of the commencement speeches. I was also very fortunate that my Grammie and Grandpa and Aunt Katie were able to come to Washington for my graduation. I also shared my graduation with my friend Pattie and favorite teacher Mrs.Rodriguez.

Mischief Managed,

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