Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Be or NOT TO BE

Unfortunately I am not writing from New York right now. The blast of winter weather in the northeast caused thousands of flights to be cancelled, including mine. I can understand that no one can control the weather, but it seems that recently, for me, nothing can go right the first time or work out the way it was supposed to.

We are planning on rescheduling my wish trip for spring break (the first full week of April) though it is disappointing to have to wait longer, traveling to New York in the spring will probably be better anyway. We’ll see Central park in springtime, which I have heard is lovely. We won’t freeze standing outside the Today show or taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Travel around the city won’t be hindered by snow or wind. It will definitely be better. The best part will be that I will be moving better. My goal is to be able to walk the whole time in NY, no wheelchair. (Occasional cane use though, is acceptable.)

Needless to say, I was very disappointed when we got back home. But, as always my mother being the amazing mom she is came up with a plan to restore my spirits. She booked a room at the Edgewater hotel in Seattle for Friday and Saturday. Then she and I searched the internet for things to do. So now Thursday afternoon Brandon, Dad, and I are going to see A Christmas Story the musical at Seattle’s 5th Avenue theater and then Saturday the whole family is going to the Sound of Music sing-along at the 5th Avenue theater.

In the end everything works out for the best. We will have better time in New York. I’ll get to see a show I want to see (Christmas Story) and I’ll get to cross something off my bucket list (Sound of Music sing-along.)

Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2011!
Mischief Managed,

The sign my wonderful wish volunteer Al made for me