Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aunt Katie Lady

There are women in the world that I call, “cool-aunt-type-people” and I am lucky enough to have one in my life; my Auntie Katie. She is very fun to be around and just plain awesome. We have many common interests, especially books. Over the years we've have had many good talks about books and their movie adaptations. (Harry Potter is a favorite of ours.) We are very close, so of course Aunt Katie was a big part of my cancer support team.

When my mom called her to say I was in the hospital, she flew to Seattle from St. Louis two days later. One of the last things I remember being told before I went to the operating room for my brain surgery was that Aunt Katie was coming. She arrived during my eight hour surgery. Apparently her coming had a big impact on me because when I saw her after my surgery in the ICU the first thing I said was, "Thank you for coming." I proceeded to tell her this almost every time I saw her for the rest of her visit. She stayed for a week and took care of Dad and Brandon at home. She also came to the hospital to help mom take care of me or give mom a break to take care of things she needed to do away from the hospital.

Even when she was at home she still did things that made me smile. Aunt Katie frequently commented on my CaringBridge page and her posts always made me feel good.

When I was in the hospital for the necrotizing fasciitis infection, Aunt Katie came to Seattle for Easter. She cooked up some Easter dinner which she, Brandon and Dad brought to the hospital. I always enjoyed her visits. They really brightened up my time at the hospital.

Aunt Katie, forever the Sammy supporter, also came to Seattle from my high school graduation and for the 2012 Run of Hope.

I can't tell you just how incredibly awesome and amazing my Aunt Katie is and always has been.

Mischief managed,

P.S. I am also fortunate enough to have a “cool-uncle-type-person” for an uncle. Uncle Gary is always fun to be around. We have battled each other over many a board game and he is the best babysitter I ever had. Uncle Gary also posted often on my CaringBridge and his posts always made me smile.

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I love you Aunt Katie and Uncle Gary!

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