Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just Another Day

This is what an average day was like throughout my year on treatment.

I woke up at 6: 30 or so and Brandon would help me get set up for the day. He’d make me a bagel thin with strawberry cream cheese before getting on the bus to school. Then I’d doze off a little while watching the Today show. (I especially like the fourth hour because I really like Hoda Kotb.) The today show was definitely one of those things that got me from one day to the next. It was something to do every day that took many hours and was a good distraction.

Then I would work on school stuff for an hour or two. I didn't have the stamina to work on anything for very long. On Tuesday and Thursday my French teacher Mme. Powell would come over for my French tutoring sessions. This was always a nice way to break up the day and it was also nice to visit with Mme. Powell.

My days often included a nap at some point too.

During radiation I had treatment in late morning and afternoon every day. Monday’s were doctor day at UW and I’d meet with my radiation specialist, Dr. Douglas. Wednesdays are brain tumor clinic days at the Hem/Onc. Every Wednesday I’d have an appointment with Cory or Dr. Leary. Some weeks I had to go to the Hem/Onc multiple times for platelet or red blood cell transfusions when my counts got low.

When mom went back to work fulltime, she still came home at lunchtime to check in and eat lunch with me. As the feelings of loneliness and isolation increased I looked forward to her coming more and more. I’d count down the time until she'd come home, one more show, one more homework assignment.

The routine was repetitive. Days were similar and blended into a blur. That was why I really appreciated any alterations or surprises like an outing with my family, a visit from Megan, when mom’s friends CJ and Amanda would come in the mornings, getting a card from Grammie or Pattie, even having physical therapy.

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