Friday, September 19, 2014

Gone to the Dogs

Some of my bright spots were furrier than others.
I’ve always been a dog person and lived with a dog in the house my whole life.  Needless to say some fury four-legged friends helped keep me smiling while I was on treatment.

#1 dog of course, was my best girl Polly.  I couldn’t always pet her (because of germs, etc.), but Polly was almost always at my side or watching me from across the room.  She had always  been good at reading the room to see who could use a little puppy love.  So it seemed that she knew that something was up with me. Polly was the greatest dog and the best friend a girl could have.  She even kept a party hat on for most of my 16th birthday party. 

When I was in the hospital for 11 days for my brain surgery and then again for 6 weeks with Nec Fasc, I really missed my Polly girl.  So it was always a joy to get visits from the wonderful therapy dogs that visited Children’s: Abe, Pie, Klada, Cole and Dresden are just a few that I met.



16th Birthday Party

Also, while I was in with Nec Fasc a friend of ours' Golden Retriever had a litter of puppies.  She had a webcam on so you could watch the little guys scurry around.  I can’t tell you how many hours Mom and I spent watching the puppies on my little net book.  We decided that if Tracy bred her female Cassie again, we would buy a puppy.

In June 2011, we came home with our own furry, yellow bundle of joy, Will.  (Well to be exact:  Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberly.  I named him)   We got pick of the litter.  He also happens to be the largest of any of Cassie’s litters. Since I already had my Polly, Will and Brandon became best buds.  

Will's first day home
Brandon's 90 lbs

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