Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mother of Invention

Yankees game on my Make A Wish trip
It has taken me several months to get my story down on paper/screen. I started by writing each entry as they came to me, but I kept putting this one off. In fact, it is the very last entry I wrote while putting all these posts together.

The posts about people were the most challenging to write because I love all these people so much that it is hard to put into words how much they matter to me. But no one was more difficult to write about than my mom. It is very difficult to put into words what I want to say about her. She was there by my side the whole way and our relationship was strengthened and deepened by this experience.

Billy Joel/ Elton John concert
She was and is without a doubt my greatest supporter, cheerleader, teammate etc. I have said this about many people, but for Mom it’s different, there is truly no way I could make it through any of this without her by my side. She was there for everything; we went through it all together. She stayed with me every night that I spent in the hospital, sleeping on a very uncomfortable fold-out couch contraption. She was my best and most attentive nurse both at home and in the hospital. She always found a way to rig something up to make me more comfortable, from radiation burn treatment to the tricked out wheelchair set up she designed after my leg infection. (Hence the nickname “Mother of Invention”). She was always there to help pick me back up when I felt down or overwhelmed, which was quite often, especially when I was returning to school. She was one of my closest friends.

She was my everything.

Last appointment during treatment
I cannot express how grateful I am for everything she did and continues to do for me.

I love you, Mama (times infinity times a thousand J )!

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