Friday, September 12, 2014

My Card Ladies

One of the things that kept me going and staying positive through treatment was looking for the little things in life to smile about.

There were two special ladies in my life that kept me smiling on a regular basis. My Card Ladies- my Grammie and my dear friend Pattie Holt.

Grammie & Grandpa's 2010 visit
Grammie was the card lady at her church so she was all over it when it came to sending me cards. She sent a card every week for over a year and they never failed to make me smile. Grammie and I would talk on the phone regularly, swapping hospital stories and complaining about our sucky veins. She really wanted to come to Seattle when I was first diagnosed, but couldn’t because she was having health problems herself. When I was hospitalized for nec fasc, she was bound and determined to come. The week I got home from the hospital she and grandpa flew from St. Louis to Seattle. It was so wonderful to see them both in person and get to spend time with them. My brain was still pretty muddled, so I don’t quite remember it all. I do remember showing off my new physical therapy exercises (which included walking from one side of the room to the other with my walker.)

Grammie & Grandpa at my graduation,
Grammie and Grandpa were also able to make it to Seattle for my high school graduation two years later. It was touch and go with Grammie’s health leading up to their trip. Somehow she willed herself to be better so they could come. It was wonderful to celebrate with them and good to see Grammie doing well. I will cherish these memories forever because it was the last time I got to see Grammie. After battling poor health for decades, Grammie passed away in November 2012.

Pattie (previously known as Mrs. Holt) was my middle school librarian, teacher, and track coach, now turned lifelong friend. She has been one of my biggest supporters for many years.  Pattie sent me a card almost every week while I was on treatment, was one of my most frequent visitors in the hospital and is a long time member of Sammy’s Blobslayers (always decked out head to toe in purple.)

I have to say, no one sends cards like Pattie. She finds the
most unique cards and saves them, waiting for the right person to send them to. (For me that means many book-related cards.) I still have the first card Pattie ever gave me in seventh or eighth grade, featuring the cover art of Charlotte’s Web. Many other Pattie cards are in frames around my room or tucked into my bulletin board.I still love getting cards from Pattie. They are always special and make me smile.

These two women did what may seem like a small thing, but was one of the biggest things that brought brightness to some of my darkest days. I am forever grateful for their never-ending love and support.

Mischief Managed, 

P.S. Between the two of them I received over 80 cards (and yes I still have all of them).

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