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The Run of Hope was today and it was a great event! The preliminary total funds raised for pediatric brain cancer research at Seattle Children's is $360,000 and they are still not done counting!!! Thank you to everyone who supported my team, Sammy's Blobslayers by donating or participating in the event. As a team we raised $2,530!!!

2014 Sammy's Blobslayers 
Bellingham, Washington is situated on the shores of Bellingham Bay at the base of Mount Baker; so far north it's almost Canada. Western Washington University resides in Sehome Arboretum overlooking the bay. It is such a beautiful place to live and learn.

Old Main Through the Trees
I absolutely love being at college! I feel like my eyes are open and seeing the world I was blind to before. I have had many incredible and eye-opening classes as well as many amazing professors. I'm looking forward to the next two years as I will be taking all upper division courses from my majors (psychology and sociology). One of the greatest things about college for me is the independence. When I was on and recovering from treatment one of my biggest worries was that I would always be dependent on others. Living in Bellingham for the past two years has shown me that that will definitely not be the case.

I love the city of Bellingham so much! It is the only place I've ever lived where I feel a sense of community. It appeals to my "hippie" nature with its focus on reducing environmental impact as well as promoting small local businesses. I have many favorite places in Bellingham and I thought I'd share here with you guys.

Mallard ice cream – all their ice cream is homemade and it’s my belief that Mallards is home to the best peppermint ice cream ever.
La Fiamma pizza – potato pesto pizza, you gotta try it!
Boomer' s drive-in – waffle fries and awesome shakes. Much better drive-in than Dick's (sorry Seattleites, but it’s true)

Avelino Coffee – makes their own caramel = best caramel mocha I've ever had
Woods coffee – peppermint bark mocha = best holiday coffee drink (yes it's better than Starbucks)

Michael's Books – great used bookstore for those who love old book smell (I got to see a first edition copy of To Kill a Mockingbird last week, which was incredible)
View from the boardwalk
Village Books – awesome local bookstore

Boulevard Park/Taylor Dock – a beautiful boardwalk by the bay overlooking the ocean and
mountains. The most incredible view at sunset on a clear spring or summer evening.

Bellingham Farmer's Market – a very fun Saturday outing

#1 Favorite Place:
Pickford Film Center – A local art house movie theater staffed primarily by volunteers. They show independent movies, documentaries and foreign films, in other words movies you wouldn't see anywhere else. Because I love movies so much, I've always wanted to work at a movie theater. Now I do. For at least two hours a week I volunteer at the Pickford Film Center selling tickets and concessions. It is so fun to work with such great people who love movies as much or more than I do. Plus I get a free movie pass every time I volunteer.

I can't believe college is halfway over already. It has been such a wonderful experience so far I've learned so much and I have made many new friends. I'm really looking forward to what the next year will bring.

Mischief managed,

P.S.I moved off campus to an apartment this year, which is very exciting. If you would like my new address please send me an e-mail.

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