Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Review

I can’t believe it, summer is almost over. There are only 3 ½ weeks left until school starts.

The surgery on my foot was 100% successful. It went even better than my doctor expected, he was able to completely re-align my heal and repair all damage done by the extra bone. I am very pleased with this result and hope that it means recovery will be easier, faster, and less painful. This Thursday I go to the doctor for x-rays and he should clear me to start walking with a walking boot. I can’t wait to get moving again!

While I’ve been healing, Will has been growing. He has more than doubled his size since we brought him home. Will has to be the calmest puppy ever and he loves to meet new people. Polly and him love to play and wrestle with each other. Polly definitely seems to be happier having a friend around, even if he can be an annoying little brother sometimes

While I’ve been sitting with my foot up, I have completed the English credit I need to graduate, finished eight books and am reading two more right now. Although it’s been a pretty laid back summer, we have gotten out a few times.

We saw the final Harry Potter film the weekend it opened and I was surprised how much emotion it evoked. Harry has been a constant part of my life since elementary school. There has always been a new book or movie to look forward to, but that’s all over now. Even though there won’t be any more Potter-related releases to remind us, Harry will still live in our hearts forever.

In July I helped coordinate a Sunshine Kids event here in Seattle. Aladdin: The Stage Musical premiered at the 5th Avenue theater and the Sunshine Kids took ten patients from Seattle Children’s hospital to see the show. I can’t remember how long I have been waiting for Aladdin to be adapted for the stage. The show surpassed all my dreams, it was very well cast and outrageously funny. Before the show, the kids were very shy and quiet. Afterwards, they were smiling from ear to ear and radiating joy. The cast was kind enough to stay after the performance for a meet and greet with the kids. I actually met the man who played the Genie when I met the cast of Memphis in New York., it was very nice to see him again. I have said it before and I’ll say in again, the Sunshine Kids Foundation is a smile factory. They coordinate events that allow young cancer patients to forget about cancer and simply have fun. Thank you very much to the Sunshine Kids and the fabulous 5th Avenue theater.

By the end of July, Seattle’s weather finally got the message that it was summertime. After weeks of overcast and cool temperatures, the sun finally broke out for multiple days in a row. This was a very fortunate event because my friend Pattie’s daughter was getting married on the 29th. Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I had a wonderful time. I even danced a little while balancing on my scooter. Congratulations Kat & Dan, may you have a very happy life together!!!

This summer, my friend Keyah has undergone extensive chemo and radiation treatments and her cancer is now in remission. Woo hoo!!! That means that she can move on to a stem cell transplant, which should stop the cancer from ever coming back. Please continue to pray that Keyah’s transplant goes well and cancer never returns.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer.

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