Monday, September 6, 2010

Lots to talk about this Labor Day

Wow, I have a lot to tell you about today. I'll start off by saying, i hope you enjoying your labor Day, even if it's overcast. Honestly, what else can we Northwesterners expect? Summer here begins and ends with overcast skies when everyone's trying to have a BBQ (Fourth of July to Labor Day.)

My weekend was very exciting. It started off with some really great news that I will share with you later. We stayed down in Seattle this weekend. Saturday we went on the very popular Ride the Ducks tour of Seattle on both land and water. It was very funny and I would definitely recommend it. You would have to try really hard to not have fun on this tour.

Sunday we went to the Mariners game vs. the Cleveland Indians. Back in June when we participated in the Brain Cancer Walk, I chose the tickets out of the many prizes that had been donated for the patients/survivors to choose from. These weren't just ordinary tickets. They were two Diamond Club tickets to the game of our choice. When looking at the prize options I decided I wanted baseball tickets because I love going to games and hadn't been to one in a very long time. My best friend Megan was helping me choose a prize and when her eyes landed on the envelope that read "Diamond Club," she looked at me and said "Do you know what that means?"

To be honest I really did not know, I figured it was something special but I never imagined anything close to what it turned out to be. Our seats were right behind home plate on the left field side. We could order food from our seats and it was brought to us in no time at all, or we could stay in the clubhouse. Everything was handled for us. As the man who showed us how the Diamond Club worked said "it is baseball heaven." Then to top it off the Mariners won and if you know Seattle sports, you know that's a big deal.

Now to the really great news. A few months ago I decided to change my Make A Wish. I decided that I wanted my wish to be more personal and unique. Something I would never be able to accomplish on my own. A true wish not an "I want to". So I changed my wish to this: I wish to go to New York and be backstage during a performance of Lion King on Broadway. Unlike my original wish, my new wish was in the hands of other people. I was starting to get a little anxious that we hadn't heard anything. The great news I got Friday night when I returned home from the first high school football game of the season was that my wish had been approved. We don't have anymore details yet, but they will be coming soon.

That's not all, there's more. Around the time that I changed my wish, I was invited to go on a trip with three other teenage patients from Seattle Children's to Orlando. The trip is run through a group called The Sunshine Kids. The group organizes trips and events for kids with cancer. The trip I am going on will bring teenage cancer patients from all over the country together for a week of fun in the sun. We'll be visiting the amusement parks in Orlando ; Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. So, my original wish will be granted as well. But, to me the real treat will be getting to be around people who have had similar experiences. Since the beginning of my treatment I have wanted that. The trip will be October 31 to November 6.

I guess I rubbed a magic lamp because somehow I got three wishes.

Mischief Managed,

School starts in 2 days!


  1. How exciting Sammy! WOW .. that's going to be simply amazing -- all of those awesome wishes -- and you happy -- I love it all! Thanks for sharing on this overcast day!

  2. Wow!(to steal Jenni's word;-) Amazing...the best thing about it how well you are feeling. Very exciting journeys ahead for you my dear! :-)



    WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!? I AM AGOG! (but not aghast)!

    That is... simply... AMAZING

    You are going to LOVE NYC. (I literally woke up this morning and thought, 'I miss NYC'...) I'm super jealous you get to go to a BROADWAY SHOW, period. LET ALONE watch the behind the scenes action! That's something very, very, very few people can say they've done. Try to get autographs! Take photos and post them on FB (and please send me a postcard?)... Make sure you keep us updated with everything!

    BTW, are you following mr. andersen's blog? (

  4. I was sooooo excited when I heard the news about your wish on Friday and will call you tomorrow as soon as I have more info to share :) I don't know how many details we'll have, but I'll get all the info I can!!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I know you're getting excited about school starting and all the fun trips ahead of you!


  5. Samma Lamma,
    AWESOME!! I am soooooooooooooooooo jealous! That trip to New York will be AMAZING! I have always wanted to see a show on Broadway!! It must have been those years in high school working on plays... What fun!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like your weekend was fabulous! The weather here has been gorgeous, I hope it lasts a little longer before the cold starts!! That trip to Florida sounds like a blast! I'm so glad you will get that wish granted too!! I wish all good and wonderful things for you sweet girl, you deserve them!! Say 'HI' to everybody!
    Love you Lots!!
    Aunt Katie

  6. Sammy,
    Having three such magnificent wishes granted-what a great way to end summer & begin fall. NYC is such a vibrant, exciting place to visit. Having worked backstage as you have will give you an even greater appreciation for all that goes on to mount such an amazing production. You will have glorious memories and such fun to share with us upon your return.
    As you begin school this week I wish you energy and strength-you no doubt will be mobbed by friends and well wishers. They will be so happy to have you back!
    Here's to a new year full of dreams and promise!

    Pattie Holt