Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing...Our (furry) Bundle of Joy

Today was a wonderful day. Not only was it our last day of school, we also brought home our 8 week old golden retriever puppy, Will. Brandon didn't know that we were bringing him home today, he thought we were just visiting, so he was very surprised and very happy. That is a boy in deep puppy love. I have never seen him so happy before.
Our biggest worry about bringing Will home was how our other dog, Polly, would react. I had faith she's do fine, but there was a little part of me that worried anyway. Just like I thought she would, she did great! To be honest, she hardly notices him. That is unless he is crying, then she runs over to check him out and see what's happening. She doesn't bark or snip at him, she just looks at him before going back to whatever she was doing before he cried. I am so relieved that Will's homecoming went so well.
Now it is up to Brandon to potty train him (it is "his dog") because I will be having surgery on my left foot to remove an extra bone, repair some tendons, and re-align my heel that has been slipping out to the left because my muscles that were damaged by the infection I had last year are not strong enough to hold up the heel. All of these things have cause me tremendous pain over the last several months and I am overjoyed to be getting them fixed. I will not be able to walk on my foot for 6-8 weeks, so I will be getting around on a knee scooter.
All the time off my feet will be perfect for me to work on my summer school English class. This is the class I have to take in order to graduate on time. It is really convenient because it is all online.
Other than that I plan on doing a lot of reading this summer. My "To-Read" stack has gotten pretty tall.
Have a great summer everyone!
Mischief Managed,

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  1. Sammy~
    Congrats on the new family member! Puppies are so much fun!
    I'm glad to hear that your foot will finally be getting fixed up! And we all know you'll be quick to get back on your feet :)
    Looking forward to seeing you in just a little over a month! Happy summer! Take care.